Friday, November 6, 2015

Toddler Train: Engineer Costume

Peter took to Trick or Treating like a duck to water. He scurried from car to car at the trunk or treat, smiling at each person in turn as they put candy in the bucket I was carrying for him. He got so excited about it he actually broke the funnel off of his train by plowing into a bowl of candy being held down for him.

His actual clothes were by far the easiest thing I did this Halloween. I had a hat, a bandanna, and the red shirt he ended up wearing (I chose red because, well, I had it). I did not have overalls that fit him. I had a pair that were rather high-water-ish on him that were my backup plan when I came home from the thrift store empty handed.

I wasn't going to make overalls--especially considering I had already decided to take on the construction of a 3 piece suit before Halloween--so I decided to try out my local Kid 2 Kid*, which I had heard rave reviews about, but which I had never been to. I went in, found the 18 month boys pants, found the overalls, found the stripped overalls, and selected the pair without Thomas the Tank Engine on the front. The selection was huge and with the great organization, I could have been in and out in 5 minutes, except that I decided to explore a bit. If you are fortunate enough to have a Kid 2 Kid near you, I would check it out. They have everything including maternity clothes but excluding cribs.

Though this costume was simple the cuteness factor was high, especially when Peter was in his diaper box engine.

*Kid 2 Kid is not paying me, though I should probably ask them to given the commercial this post has been. 

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