Friday, November 22, 2013

Paper Snowflake Week: Wreath

I came up with this idea immediately after coming up with the idea for snowflake week. However, I was very uncertain if it would ever turn out in a manner that I was happy with. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Apart from the snowflake making, this was actually a really easy process. I made the snowflakes (for my six secrets of snowflake making see Monday's post), and then dipped them in wax just like I did for the ornaments and candles. I ended up hanging this wreath on the front door in the end and I figured the wax could help the paper weather a bit better.

For the wreath frame I just bent the lower triangle part of a wire hanger into a circle. I used some fabric I had acquired secondhand to sew a tube of fabric. I contemplated hot gluing it but abandoned this idea when David took a little too much interest in the cord of the glue gun and I wound up with burnt fingers (but better me than him). In any case, I think the sewing ended up better than the glue would have.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Paper Snowflake Week: Candles

Today I decided to put paper snowflakes on my candles. This process was slightly less successful than I had anticipated, but that had more to do with inferior materials than a problem with the process in my opinion.

I didn't have a candle to try this idea on, so I went to the trusty dollar store. I can walk to the dollar store. Unfortunately, the only candles they have are either this really ugly green color and kind of short or in containers. I really didn't feel like going home, getting in the car, and driving to another store to try and find my candles, so I just got one of the candles in a jar.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paper Snowflake Week: Wax-dipped Snowflake Ornaments

I can't really remember if I heard of someone else dipping snowflakes in wax or if I came up with it myself. I had actually never tried it until today, but I am pleased to report that it works like a charm.

I began by making snowflakes like I did in Monday's post. You should be able to dip any size snowflake, but I was making ornaments and did not want really large ones. As such, I made mine quarter-sized--that is to say I divided my original sheet of computer paper in 4 and made a snowflake out of each section. The resulting snowflakes were just under 5 inches in diameter at the widest part, which I found a perfect size.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paper Snowflake Week: Pictures in Your Snowflakes

Welcome to day 2 of snowflake week. Here is a link to yesterday's post, My Snowflake Secrets in case you missed it.

Now on to today's post,  picture snowflakes!

I am not exactly sure where I got the idea to put pictures in my snowflakes, but I am quite certain it was not an original idea of mine. I remember trying to do this as early as freshman year, so I think it is likely that someone on my dorm room floor sparked the idea. Whatever or whoever it was that gave me the idea, however, I have now developed 2 methods.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Paper Snowflake Week: My Snowflake Secrets

It has been a while. My excuse is morning sickness. But I am back with a bang and will give you a post each day this week, each one about paper snowflakes. It has started to snow a bit lately and I actually love snow. In my opinion, if it is going to be cold and grey, it might as well snow. Since the weather doesn't always oblige, I will give you ideas about making it snow yourself. I am going to skip false humility here and admit up front that I actually consider myself pretty good at making snowflakes. However, this has not always been the case.