Friday, November 22, 2013

Paper Snowflake Week: Wreath

I came up with this idea immediately after coming up with the idea for snowflake week. However, I was very uncertain if it would ever turn out in a manner that I was happy with. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Apart from the snowflake making, this was actually a really easy process. I made the snowflakes (for my six secrets of snowflake making see Monday's post), and then dipped them in wax just like I did for the ornaments and candles. I ended up hanging this wreath on the front door in the end and I figured the wax could help the paper weather a bit better.

For the wreath frame I just bent the lower triangle part of a wire hanger into a circle. I used some fabric I had acquired secondhand to sew a tube of fabric. I contemplated hot gluing it but abandoned this idea when David took a little too much interest in the cord of the glue gun and I wound up with burnt fingers (but better me than him). In any case, I think the sewing ended up better than the glue would have.

Next, I opened up the top of the hanger to feed my tube (now right side out) around the frame before twisting the top of the hanger back together.

I did use hot glue to attach the ends of the tube together at the top and to place a bow over the seam.

Now for what I would have done differently. I attached the snowflakes with hot glue. This definitely works, but it is not easy. The glue melts the wax and you have to be careful that the glue doesn't slide off the snowflake. Also, the snowflakes don't have much space to put the glue on so it kind of showed. If I ever do this again, I will likely sew the snowflakes on with a needle and some white thread.

Still, in spite of it all, I am generally pleased with my wreath. It seems to catch the spirit of winter.


  1. Very creative. The wreath looks really nice on the window.

    1. Thanks. I liked it okay on the window, but it got a little in the way of the curtains. Thus, it is now on our front door.


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