Sunday, April 14, 2013

How the Couch I Tore Up is Feeding My Pillow Obsession

I have always had a bit of a pillow obsession.  When I was younger, I  thought the perfect room would be one where everything was made of pillows.  I grew up and realized that they have rooms like that and they are called padded cells. Still, I do very much like pillows.

When I tore up and rebuilt the couch, I did not use anywhere close to all the materials the couch had to offer. The back of the couch actually had a ton of stuffing (because it was basically made from 6 large pillows) that I did not use in the storage bench. Some of the stuffing near the outer edges of the pillow was rather disgusting, but a lot of it was still good. So, I saved it with the intention of making pillows to sit on my storage bench.

I made a few pillows here and there, but most of my pillows were made a couple Fridays ago while playing nurse to my brother-in-law who had just had his wisdom teeth removed. I started sewing covers for the pillows that originally came with the couch from the thrift store.  I sewed one but it was slow going because I was changing ice packs every 10 minutes. I thought maybe I would stop there and just cover the other pillow in the pillow case from the leftover sheets from the curtains, but decided I really needed to just get both pillows done. Then, five more pillows later, I decided I should probably stop.

One of the most involved pillows I made was the one to the left. I cut out  leaves from my sheets and basted them on a yellow square in a random scattered pattern. Then I used used a medium wide zigzag with a very small stitch to stitch around the outside of each leaf.I think it turned out okay. I got better at the process as I went along, so the leaves that look pretty good were likely some of the ones I stitched latter.

Pillows are really easy to make because you can make them from all sorts of scraps and you really only need very basic sewing skills to sew a basic pillow, but you can also do all sorts of complex things. Sometimes, however, they are just a bit to easy to make.  When I was making the pillow to the right (which is based off of this one from Joann Fabrics, though I didn't really read their instructions) I messed up my pattern and accidentally made 2 more pillows. Don't ask me how that happened, I am just talented sometimes. I probably should have read the instructions.

I have at least one more pillow I am going to make based on one that someone is selling for $159 here (Who has $150 to spend on a pillow?), but then I think I might have to stop for the front room. I already have a lot of pillows.

I still have a ton of stuffing though, as you can see from this bag to the left..  My bed might be getting some fun pillows to.

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